Love without Boundaries

Our Schools are Built in Partnership with  Love Without Boundaries

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Our Partnership with Love Without Boundaries

Our partnership with Love Without Boundaries (LWB) began on July 1, 2012.  LWB is one of the most respected non-profit organizations in China.  They have a great reputation and a committed heart for Chinese orphans.  Because of our desire to help more children, our board decided to partner with LWB to effectively serve these children.

How Love Without Boundaries Helps EChO

We are able to take advantage of LWB’s connections and use your donations to help children immediately.  LWB has relationships with over 200 orphanages, including many orphanage directors, throughout every province in China.  They have people with integrity on the ground in China who maintain strict accountability with your donations.

How EChO Helps Love Without Boundaries

EChO is able to share our knowledge of special-needs instruction with LWB so they can train special-education teachers before they begin working in an orphanage.  LWB also assists Chinese orphans in ways outside of education including: nutrition, medical needs, foster care, and adoptions, but they want to delve deeper into the area of service to special-needs orphans.  Partnering with EChO allows them to let that happen through us, and frees them up to continue growing their work in other areas of service.

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