Who EChO Is

EChO is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the futures of unadopted special-needs Chinese orphans by providing education by specially-trained teachers in a loving, encouraging environment.

  • We believe that it is our purpose and privilege to give hope and support to children who, by no fault of their own, live lives of desperation.
  • We believe that by offering children a chance to learn and grow as much as possible, perhaps even living as independent adults, we have impacted the future of our world, not just the life of one person.
  • We see potential in every human life.

What EChO Does

The strategy of EChO is to establish and maintain educational centers for special-needs children throughout China, beginning in the Henan Province, within state-run orphanages.

In China, special-needs orphans do not go to school. They stay in the orphanage all day, with no one to help them learn, and with nothing to do. As adults, they typically continue living in government-run facilities. They are never afforded the opportunity to learn skills that would allow them to hold even the most remedial jobs, or to be able to live independently.

EChO provides teachers, curriculum, needed materials, and loving support to these children who otherwise receive little attention. The teachers, who are specially trained in elementary education, physical therapy and occupational therapy, provide a loving, encouraging environment.

Where EChO Helps

EChO currently has schools in the following locations: Liupanshui and Huainan.

Our goal is to place educational centers within orphanages throughout China.

Board of Directors

EChO is governed by a board of directors. Learn more about our Board of Directors.

Other Information

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